Tales from the Kidnapped

Dream about kidnapped family

Today dream was weird, I got a gang coming in my house with my family and basically kidnap us in our own house. The odd thing about that, is that we weren’t tortured, or threatened or any hardcore stuff. We only couldn’t leave nor make any phone calls this remind me of a movie: “Firewall

However, as opposed to that movie, the kidnappers were complete technophobes and even if the phone was secured. I could easily chat with the police and the swat team about identifying the kidnappers and family members.

My dream unfortunately didn’t get to see the extraction operation, but the internal negotiation was most of the content of it. It was an exciting dream, and a bit bizarre.


Stormy Cancun

So this had happened but it wasn’t really about a real storm. Today I had a dream while I took a midday nap because I woke up way too early. The dream was short but intense and involved living in an apartment like I do now, but not really the one i live in. Also there was kind of like a massive house party and people were coming and going everywhere. Later I realize they were mostly my friends from back home. They started teasing at me since I wasn’t really informed of this party and I got a bit upset.
Eventually we just did some joking around, and I was nervous trying not to get the party break stuff up on their drunkness or games.
All of a sudden a storm broke up, and it wasn’t a tipical storm, but like the arrival of a hurricane. In the middle of the night the clouds soon covered the sky and a few lightnings could be see at the distance. While the rain start brushing the ground like a water curtain, and inside, it was pouring. A very diagonal rain as the winds were also quite intense. I found like a garage under the house where I could keep dry even if the rain was coming in on a diagonal shape. I got some kindergarten plastic chair, pretty low to the ground, and started watching.
Soon my friends came to join me with a few beers and watched the lightning show and expecting for the power to be cut off anytime soon because of the winds.
There was some noise coming from the things being pushed off the street by the wind and even if we got some projectiles being thrown at us by the wind, it never got to the point to be harmful.
Eventually the wind died down, with the expectation of new rain coming thru. It was already some light of day and then we saw a military squad coming down the street with a dronecopter taking a visual angle on some shots of the damage. Quickly they built like a fence around our house and told us to get it back to the city council after the storm.
BTW the guy managing the drone, seemed to be his first time because he slam it against some advertising. Something that made me laugh.

The mutant monster gf

So today was another one of those  days were my mind come up with another crazy story. This time it was a crazy girlfriend, fat and with tentacles, that eventually tuns to be a mutant and killed me.

Actually she kinda killed me many times but those were the preparation for the real killing, it not just kill me but also my mother, and then I was scheming a plan to avoid it.

Since I knew this will happened after the movies, I was trying my best to deterr the whole chain of events to unrable and somehow ‘a peace’ the monster.

 So eventually my ex help me distract her, and as she was being distracted, i went to meet her. Eventually I end up leaving with her, and sneaking out to talk.

That’s when I woke up, so not sure what ever happened to the monster but was blury enough to sneak into another crazy dream. Now in perspective I wonder what does it mean, monster and all this females personas around me.

Hypeman of the night

Today I dream about being the hypeman for my man Zabio aka Pakal. The dream started with all his crew trying to gather up for the gig. The gig consisted on having a public concert and from what we gather we need to pay the city a percentage for us to let us use the square.

The concert actually started with just a small circle of people, you couldn’t tell if it was them or our supporting crew.

Eventually people started gathering and I started rhyming or rhyme speaking to introduce him up. He was going to rhyme the whole album, on a Rock the Bells fashion, as the classic and a couple of songs from his new album.

In the crew I started recognizing a lot of our friends who were giving us props, I start with the introduction to his performance and routine. Giving a background to each of the songs, and even quoting some of his verses. It wasnt like a lesson per say, but it was melded with a reflection of the meaning of the song that was helpful to context the space of the rhyme.

I think it was a great thing, but I think it felt so real that I might as well been talking while I was dreaming this.

I eventually woke up wtih my mind full of oneliners and punchlines for some of my favorite tracks of that album,

Hiphop, sea and basketball


Today, I had a very nice dream, full of strange beauty, basketball and hiphop. I don’t remember the whole dream but what I do remember is being in Cancun, with friends, while I watch my friend practicing his rhymes. One of them just go off as some girls come by and just see my friend clown around while spitting rhymes. But he starts clowining too much and the girl loose interest and start talking to me. I actually have something to say, she is interested enough till she slip her facebook on my phone and leave.

Then we end up half drunk and staring at the black sky near the beach, it’s so calm that we dont see a wave in the dark sea at night. And the reflection of some lights ont he horizon make the distance be so short that the whole sea looks like a set. No waves, big palm trees in the island and some sort of light at the horizon. Everything look very fake and cartoonish.

Then not sure why I start getting dissy and I go back to the place we are staying. Plus my friends who were really drunk kinda pass out and I think they threw one of them in the water, because he come back all pissed and soaked to his last bone.


Then we go to the basketball court playground and start playing 3 on 3. I got my Jordan white Bulls Jersey and shorts. I started playing kinda clumsy but much better than the rest, then Shaq comes out of the crew, but he doenst want to play that much, just enough passing to get his team involved. But for some reason I am always with the ball even when I shoot I miss but recover my own rebound and score. Then I start getting more loose and try to dribble more close to the ground and do crossovers. Eventually we win the 2 rounds of 3 on 3. Pleople start noticing me and cheer on me.

Then the next team comes in with Barkley in the squad, as I start thinking on ways how to take them I wake up. At least I feel good and fun about this dream.

Homeland: crazy finale

I gotata say that I went to bed watching Homeland, a series about US espionage related to the war on terror. After that I listen to my episode of No Agenda while falling asleep. I gotta say that this is one of my craziest dream so far.

So pardon the spoilers but this is a mesh of Homeland, with a bit of Transformer and District 9 and a bit of Prometheus.

In the series, the main character is a marine that is rescue by accident during an operation to finally be reincorporated into the US political life, but the CIA find out he is a traitor and turn him into a double agent for the famous terrorist Abu Nazir.

The movies goes back between Langley Virginia, Washington and varios spots in the Middle east including Iran, Lebanon and such.

So in my dream, the rescued solider turned double agent gets flight to Iran, to a secure base. Only to find out an alien invasion starts. He turnes out to be a third agent really or rather the lost son of the Alien in Sector 8 which was transformed to a human by some alien machine (similar to the one found on the Fly movie).


He was expecting them to arrive to that spot so that is why he volunteer for the mision in Iraq to capture and kill Abu Nazir. During the invasion he goes into one of the ships and get turned into one of the aliens. However he found out thos machines are different and he can switch at will now between alien and human.


The invasion looks like the scenes of transformers I when the descepticons attack the US military base.

The first attack was swift, however the alien society was a war race that goes conquering planets from one to the next. They were used to war and they have really advanced technology, at the same time, they have come to idolize human culture. The recording fo human speech and human civilization had been turn into fashion items for the alien race. So it was weird how they were prasing the humans and killing them at the same time.

Brody (and a partner) who was the only ones that could speak back to the aliens in their lenguage got to trick them. It also help that Brody’s father was the commander of te alien fleet in charge of the planet invasion. So the day after the attack as he was being carried to give his report he manage to make a scene steal an alien soldier weapon and a ship, which he uses to excape the base.

He goes out to find and kill Abu Nazir, who was his capturer and torturer for many years (acording to Homeland). Abu Nazir was hiding on his secret chamber inside a dune in the desert. However the solidier (Captian Brody acording to Homeland) finds the hidden spot and gets there really fast with the help of an alien ship.

He enters the cave to find him praying, and finds that his son (a key character of Homeland) was alife after all, and that his killing was just a lie. Nazir explained that he was happy that Brody was alive and that he welcomes back into his life (in homeland Nazir was also Brody’s Islam mentor). Brody goes into shock and start crying on Nazirs sholder, Nazir hold him and say he forgives him.


Brody then just stand up, turn into the alien and blow Nazir into Pieces.

That was another cool part of “mafia style” scene of, I love you but I still have to kill you. Brody thens go to what it seems like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. And turn into a weapon dealer, where is a funny scene as he as his partner are negotiating with a Muslim war lord, he sell some automatic weapons and uzis. Broadi says “I want to keep my weapons afloat” as he point out a huge semi-automatic to the other side of the table,  but also hand the war lord a smaller AK 47 rife so he is also “level up”.

The he brings out more weapons, granades, his partner starts speaking spanish, turns out he wasn’t really arab but Argentinean, he justify himself by saying that catolic priests are a bunch of rats and crooks so he switch to islam that was one of the most funny moments of my dream. The war lord also was a counterfeiter so even if the deal was closed all that money turned to be fake anyway.

Eventually Broady goes back to the US which is also under heavy attack by the alien forces, taking over the cities and blowing the air force planes and drones into pieces. Broady however did love humans and decide to help them out not get completely analyated so he takes over NBC and starts talking as he switched from human to alien and explains how the alien forces can be beated. A new series of weaponery is created to fight the alien forces which looks a bit like a smaller version of Star Wars aircraft. 


Unfotrtunately I woke up for the final battle, but I guess the logical finale was that the humans win a battle enough to gain respect from the alien forces and avoid complete analyation.



The cross continental wedding


So yesterday I had a bunch of dreams, one of the most relevant and fun ones was about renting a party plane from Cancun to Amsterday. The party was happening in the plane while it take us all through the Atlantic night.

The idea was to take off from suny and sandy Cancun to cold snowy Amsterdam, and then go to do some winter stuff, all while partying in the middle of the air.

The flight had some dance flooor and lights, and the upper lougage were removed so it actually people could walk around.

There were couches as opposed to regular air seats and also some wall hangers for stability.

The idea was pretty cool and I get it stuck in my brain.


The Alien comando task force

I had an action packed dream, which means there is guns, jumping, stealth, and a lot of explosions. This was one related to killing aliens. The funny twist is that you had to shoot him on the balls. I had a semi-automatic weapons, and a high caliber gun.

It was a bit like the High school of the death kind of feeling. then I was with this family that had all this kind of videogames and the funny thing is that the uzi followed me and talking to one of the kids remind me that I used to like these favorite gun types.


Then I had a another water toy weapon that looked more like the following picture, in my dream it was a video game gun though.


It was a fun dream and yes I killed some aliens and managed to survive. 🙂

Hunger games – my version

Today I have been dreaming about a distopian world were we live in a futuristic prision state. Thanks because I was listening to No Agenda. A podcast that is increasily becoming more depresive, also a less related trans-government ban on the mermaid discovery.

The dream was interesting, hot girls as prisionmates, super strong enforcerers. And a series of futuristic pleasures to spend time while we are retained.

Also escaping this artificial world throught he thick isolation through an uatomated and efficient prision. Let some bad guys be able to understand the system to be able to escape, except in my dream an update wasn’t detected and resulted in a casuality in my movie-like dream.

Funny enough there was plenty of sex, I guess when u can’t do much inside prision, and hot mixed cellmates, sex is something that serve as one more distraction.

Usually you get some penalties that are some kind of torture, like advanced psycological weapons that don’t shoot anything but then the target experience a lot of emotional and mental breakdowns and extract their memory into the shooters to be able to know all the details of a possible plan.

So doing a run out of prission was interested as we got caught and then torture in a stargate portal-like tie to face a bunch of enforcerers with special tools to provide some kind of psicological whips that emulate experiences. My friends descide to rescue me, and they go to fight them but unfortunately one of my friend gets beat to death as they finally get me off where I was tied and brought back.

Till the next dream, I think this was one of the more complex and creative dreams I’ve been with.

Dreaming of code

Funny thing today, I actually dream of geeky stuff, basically trying to get more and more into this project I have started dreaming about alternatives. Today I was dreaming I was going to teach a class or a conference about ODF services joining them with webservices. To be honest I wasnt fully sleep I was more like about to fall asleep again but I read something related before shutting down so it was one of the things I start thinking as I was sinking asleep again.

So the dream was about joining the ODF framework with webservices to generate something cloud base about the OpenDocuments. Is an interesting thought about improving ODF adoption.

One thing that I also remember and tried to improve was to advance the work done on the www-at-odf.