Forex and the rise of the fluctuating investments

So I have been looking at forex for nearly a year. I have tried to read and understand the concepts. Lately I have been convinced of needing professional help and getting a broker.However there is also a lack of trust on just handing money out to someone that you are not confident of his credentials. However sometimes is the nature of the beast, and the beast pays off.Getting through this first fear can be challenging but I think the best step is to look for people that are in the same position as one. The next step is also to understand that this is the same as a stock or bond. Except there is a larger risk.After all I hope that the market keeps going up but I think if this is not the case forex could be a good way to keep making money even if crisis hits hard. The strategy however is to get people more knowledgable than you and start getting into this world.So far I have taken some steps that include using the tools that I already got to find out about forex and forex brokers. First stop was the linkedin answers site. A site I trust to have better advice on how to get more professional help. Then is the al mighty google with  sites that could get my foot on the door. Finally there is the forums from forex noobs and other amateurish forex sites and e-books.I think that in the end all this reasources doesnt pay off if there is no first step. Here is where you need to say enough and jump in. Once in, then the real work can start learning first and earning later.