Dreams planes and tsunamis

So usually I claim this blog is personal but seldomly do I talk about personal stuff, sure I talk about my hobbies but never about anything meaningful or private except on few topics where I really thought it will help getting things out like my ex gf. I dunno if it helped or not but it surely was something that I can thought of it as personal. Well here is another thing it has fill my brain today.

So I had a dream, I wouldn’t call it a nightmare but neither would I call it a pleasant dream. It was a quite odd in regards that I actually repeat itself on a few parts specially the tsunami part. This time the dream started with me and a group of friends (I supposed) came into a small root at the roof of a house in Cancun. Inside it was a tv a chair and some storage stuff. Then I remember that a grey fog came and took the visibility of even the door and window. Then I saw that something start showing and it was the head of a small plane, the planes were floating, being dragged by the fog.

I remember stepping out and seen that the planes were actually quite cloose to other roof of the houses and one even stumbling with a slightly higher wall. I went to the ground level and to the sea to find a sea filled with larger planes, huge planes floating in the water. In the horizon I saw some starting to blow up and causing a fire on the shore because of the fuel in them.

This started forming some kinds of Tsunamis that start covering the ground and hitting us. I most have had many lives since I was squashed several times by this huge waves. Even learn how to avoid them, most of the other toursit were trying to gather food and water to survive, and even do concerts to entertained and then waves just kept crushing them. At the end I just woke up, no grand finale but just woke.

What I start thinking after that day was that tsunami dreams and high school dreams are one of the most common dreams I have. Earlier that week I also dream about being in high school playing basketball and going to the last year of HS on my old school which I actually never went since I changed schools before. My sister made a comment that makes me think she is right and maybe she have happened the same on her. She mentioned that it’s what provoke me the most stress in my life. Something I totally agree and I found it very interesting to keep me looking into it.