Cleveland still on top

So a new year and a new year a LeBron James team gets at the #1 spot. At least in the East that is. But the truth is that there is something to be said about consistency. LeBron James have been keeping up the numbers on a great high, and breaking records after records. The latest was his advancement on the all time career points and also keeping up those stat sheets. That said, he has had some issues this year, like his mid-range numbers are all time low as well as marking a few games with really bad averages at 12-14 pts per game.

Not sure if the King is tired or just trying to get the rest of the team involved. Specially after a back to back lost against the world champion and ex-NBA finals opponent the Warriors and the next game after the Blazers. But I hope this is not as alarming as it looks on paper.

The truth is that other teams have been loosing around the Cavs like the Spurs, the Raptors and the Bulls. So like Kendrick Lamar said, we’re gonna be alright.