Structure ideas on the blockchain

This week I went to LaBitConf in Mexico City, we got the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world doing things that matter in the Bitcoin space. And then there were the mexicans that got their way into the conference. Not to say that there aren’t smart people, but sometimes I feel that we just don’t know what are supposed to be doing.

One of those is how are supposed to think, during my talk with many of them I couldn’t shake away from my head the many people I talk at the GNU/Linux conferences in Mexico.

The biggest difference I can tell is the age, but with the age also a vision that is somewhat shortsighted. Wanting to do things local are the kind of things that well, wrap around our thought process and keep revolving over this concept.

Being native to the cryptoworld my hope was of finding people eager to help this world. But what I found is again the same pattern, the itch they want to scratch being too narrow for the world. Too local, too shortsighted.

So I want to build a framework on how to formulate Ideas. Ideas that can form  global projects and can gain traction. First step is to learn that we are not citizens, we are internet entities, dealing with an internet asset. We need to use these assets as a platform to transform our digital ecosystem. Code is our tools to change the ecosystem and also the way we can make a difference in the world.

There is a tendency to make a difference in the physical world but I think that we first need to explore our own digital world. After all, nobody drop an actual bitcoin on our head. We learned about it through a digital system or service, and for that we can control it and use it. The physical world is an effect, almost side effect of what is happening on the digital one.

Once we are aware of our digital existance then we will be able to move forward with our ideas. Solving issues, building on platforms, creating services and making data and value move way faster.

We need to be aware that ‘flags’ are holding us back more than giving us identity. A quote that I always get reminded of is: “On the web we are all dogs” Meaning basically, that it really doesn’t matter, where we are from and it shouldn’t matter. Let’s move on and make an application for the internet and by the internet.

A good example is our own Satoshi Nakamoto. Does he matter if he is Japanese? That he is a he, or a they? Was his vision to help the people from Japan, the people from his hometown, to pitch to the local investor? Should we be more like satoshi and less like the ‘digital crusader that just learned a new trick‘?