Python Decorator for Simplifying Delegate Pattern

Need to study more on patterns as an implementation examples.

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Recently, I posted about how you can use composition instead of inheritance, and in that article, I mentioned the Delegate Pattern. As a quick description, the pattern has you inherit from the parent interface (or, in Python, you can just implement the protocol), but all the methods either redirect to calling the method on an injected implementation of interface/protocol, possibly surrounding the call in its own code, or it completely fills the method with its own implementation.

For the most part, it is like manually implementing inheritance, except that the superclass in injectable.

Anyway, one of the more annoying parts of implementing the Delegate Pattern is having to write all of the delegated calls. So I decided to look into the possibility of of making a decorator that will do that for you for all the methods you don’t explicitly implement.

Standard Attribute Delegation

First, we need a standard…

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