Using a public Amazon EC2 Image on your account

Recently I have been in the need of having an image of Amazon Web services EC2 (Stand for Elastic Computing). Amazon was a pioneer in the offer of VPS, other companies have step up like Rackspace, Microsoft and Google.

However one thing that I most say is that Web Services from Amazon is a bit confusing if you are new into having to launch an image. The Dashboard just show you too much, that might get you confused.

Amazon web service dashboard
Amazon web service dashboard

So to start using it, can be a major task. Here is a quick follow through instructions on how to get an instance running without breaking a sweat:

  1. Go to EC2
  2. Under Images, select AMI
  3. Change the filter from Owned by me to Public Images
  4. Go through the description of the thousands of images available. Once you find the one you want, check the ID which should be something like: ami-asd1312
  5. Select it and Launch
  6. This will take you to a wizard to configure your instance from that AMI (Amazon Image)
  7. The final step is to connect to your instance, you do this by selecting the Public DNS and the user which would depend on the distro you are using. For example, ubuntu for ubuntu, fedora for fedora, and user1 for Amazon Linux.

That’s it, once connected you will be able to ssh into the machine and be able to operate it. Althought as you can see this is only once service, there are many ways to configure your instances and this will only be a first step to jump into what Amazon offers you.

Remember this is a paid service and that you are being billed, so make sure to keep an eye on your configurations, budgets and how you treat your VMS.

The help files give you instructions on how to install a regular LAMP server and how to configure it the way you want it.