Heat about to take over

LeBron James
LeBron James driving to the basket over the tower of Roy Hibbert.

Interesting couple of weeks for Miami Heat – Indiana Pacers back to back match up over the weeks. They have been like two tales of the same movie. From the initial dominance of the team and then cooling off enough to finish the game loosing.

LeBron however was a story that started on the previous game wtih an accident on her ankle and a gametime decision whenever he would play or not. Of course many people knew he wouldn’t miss this game at all.

The game was excellent specially when you analyze how the Miami Heat came about, as the Pacers started dominating the tempo of the game.

Even if Miami was pick pocketing and generating turnovers like crazy, the real battle was at the foul chart. When Hibbert reached it’s 4th foul and got him out of the game, he was able to leave the basket and Flash really took advantage of it. The same goes to Bosh who step up and embraced his role and was able to outsmart Hibbert and take him out of the basket.

The most important part is that Miami is now breathing on the neck of the Pacers and could start the takeover of the east. With Oklahoma City doing the same on the west coast. The Thunder just much on the San Antonio Spurs and the only other team hanging at the top is the Blazers.