Contributing to OpenERP translated documentation

So this is my official contribution to the project, I’ve decided to spend some time translating the strings from the OpenERP documentation. The OpenERP book holds a good amount of information about what the history, development and goals of the OpenERP project. I also appreciate the way this book have been put together, as opposed to spend time describing each screen and talking on how to use it. This book spend time looking at the tool as a business people, accentuating on the business goal. For example, titles like “How to better manage your books”, as opposed to a more boring “Accounting Module”.

The localization in Spanish have been lagging greatly mainly because the way to contribute is a bit obscure. I found out the system itself is not obscure since they use a standard Launchpad-Open Source translation tool based on PO files. The way the po are managed online is very similar to the Pootle application.

The next step is to become legit on the Launchpad application, which allow my user to get fully integrated on the OpenERP teams. I added myself to the OpenERP-Mexico group, and the OpenERP-Documentation group.

The Spanish localization is located under the 7.0 branch, where you click on translations. And are presented with a table of different languages and the progress for each language. There you can select the preferred language and then are presented with the different type of localization projects including the book, contents, contribute, faqs, index, install, legal, odoo, usability-book, etc.

My main goal is the book one which listed around 6544 with 6453 untranslated and 305 for review. You can check the project here.

One thing that was noticed earlier today was that I need to be part of the Spanish team in order to get my reviews and comments approved. You can see me already on the team either as pending or if this post is rather old, I will hopefully be approved.

Spanish locale
Graph showing the different openerp project for the spanish locale.