NBA is back, Miami Heat vs Atlanta

Yesterday the first game of the Miami Heat. With the awesome plays of Chris Bosh and a couple of highlights by LeBron. Even if it was just a pre-season game, it was a pretty awesome matchup.

From the start Miami remind the Hawks what Heat was all about last year. Stretching leads almost to 22 pts and with the a 4th quarter benched LeBron, this looks like the continuation of what last year game plan was.

Chris Bosh showed up with spinning moves and dunks and making 15 pts for the first half of the game, he errased his doubts of the 0pts performance on that last game. The boy can and will score.

Miami didn’t played Wade nor Birdman, UD and his new premier faces like Michael Beasely and Greg Oden. But they did show up and they did squashed the Hawks.

From Atlanta’s part they did played the Utah imported Paul Milsap. And he looked okay, he will definetly find himself accomodated with Al Harford on their front court.