Irssi, Yakuake and the end of productivity as we know it

Lately IRC has been coming back strong, not that it ever left. But I get more than the usual casual chat. And IRSSI has also made a big splash with my geek friends. We have the following irc todo’s like auto-join, auto-op and auto-connect.

Here is the simple command lines to perform all of the above.

For auto-connect to a network, you could edit a file on the ~/.irssi/ folder.

touch ~/.irssi/startup

This is a static file which you can add all type of commands at the start of the irssi client. So we can add things like server

There are other ways to do this within the irssi console, and here is how:

/network add -user JZA -realname “JZA” -nick aaron -autosendcmd “/^msg nickserv identify password” freenode

Finally auto-op since you want to be op once you join your channel. So we do the following:

/Channel add -auto -botcmd “query Chanserv op #tqvcancun” #tqvcancun freenode

The next step is also to have yakuake starts automagically when you login to your laptop. Yakuake has a configuration for this on the lower right corner you have a display menu with the option Configure yakuake and Configure Shortcuts.

The first one will allow us to set behaviours such as automatically show the terminal when the mouse touches the edge of the screen. The second one allow us to re-assign the key so that we can use the one we are more confortable