The mutant monster gf

So today was another one of those  days were my mind come up with another crazy story. This time it was a crazy girlfriend, fat and with tentacles, that eventually tuns to be a mutant and killed me.

Actually she kinda killed me many times but those were the preparation for the real killing, it not just kill me but also my mother, and then I was scheming a plan to avoid it.

Since I knew this will happened after the movies, I was trying my best to deterr the whole chain of events to unrable and somehow ‘a peace’ the monster.

 So eventually my ex help me distract her, and as she was being distracted, i went to meet her. Eventually I end up leaving with her, and sneaking out to talk.

That’s when I woke up, so not sure what ever happened to the monster but was blury enough to sneak into another crazy dream. Now in perspective I wonder what does it mean, monster and all this females personas around me.