Hypeman of the night

Today I dream about being the hypeman for my man Zabio aka Pakal. The dream started with all his crew trying to gather up for the gig. The gig consisted on having a public concert and from what we gather we need to pay the city a percentage for us to let us use the square.

The concert actually started with just a small circle of people, you couldn’t tell if it was them or our supporting crew.

Eventually people started gathering and I started rhyming or rhyme speaking to introduce him up. He was going to rhyme the whole album, on a Rock the Bells fashion, as the classic and a couple of songs from his new album.

In the crew I started recognizing a lot of our friends who were giving us props, I start with the introduction to his performance and routine. Giving a background to each of the songs, and even quoting some of his verses. It wasnt like a lesson per say, but it was melded with a reflection of the meaning of the song that was helpful to context the space of the rhyme.

I think it was a great thing, but I think it felt so real that I might as well been talking while I was dreaming this.

I eventually woke up wtih my mind full of oneliners and punchlines for some of my favorite tracks of that album,