Ready for Europe

I am about to get on a plane to visit a long time friend that I have met since forever. But is also intersting how long I have taken to be back in Europe. Its those things you dont notice till you stal making the numbers. These past 2 years I have been traveling more to sotuh and north america than to Europe. However, it has been great the way things have been developed lately.

I mean I have been able to go anywhere I wanted, and even if there has been troubles along the way, it has never got to the point of true desperation.

Is not a fear of being broke, is the fear of not finding something strong enough to continue. However, this trip to europe I plan to make something worth it and help my cause and not just be aliability. So far I am very excited, confident and even eager to have a great time.

After a shitty xmass and new year I think I can make this count for good.

Now on the NL, well I love that country to be honest, is those countries that makes u feel like ur in the right place. Then again this comes from the vision of always chilling there during the summer time and everything is litten and people are everywhere. We’ll see how winter change things.

I’ll be chillin there for 10 days so is not so long that gets depressing or short that seems like a one night stand.