Hiphop, sea and basketball


Today, I had a very nice dream, full of strange beauty, basketball and hiphop. I don’t remember the whole dream but what I do remember is being in Cancun, with friends, while I watch my friend practicing his rhymes. One of them just go off as some girls come by and just see my friend clown around while spitting rhymes. But he starts clowining too much and the girl loose interest and start talking to me. I actually have something to say, she is interested enough till she slip her facebook on my phone and leave.

Then we end up half drunk and staring at the black sky near the beach, it’s so calm that we dont see a wave in the dark sea at night. And the reflection of some lights ont he horizon make the distance be so short that the whole sea looks like a set. No waves, big palm trees in the island and some sort of light at the horizon. Everything look very fake and cartoonish.

Then not sure why I start getting dissy and I go back to the place we are staying. Plus my friends who were really drunk kinda pass out and I think they threw one of them in the water, because he come back all pissed and soaked to his last bone.


Then we go to the basketball court playground and start playing 3 on 3. I got my Jordan white Bulls Jersey and shorts. I started playing kinda clumsy but much better than the rest, then Shaq comes out of the crew, but he doenst want to play that much, just enough passing to get his team involved. But for some reason I am always with the ball even when I shoot I miss but recover my own rebound and score. Then I start getting more loose and try to dribble more close to the ground and do crossovers. Eventually we win the 2 rounds of 3 on 3. Pleople start noticing me and cheer on me.

Then the next team comes in with Barkley in the squad, as I start thinking on ways how to take them I wake up. At least I feel good and fun about this dream.