Great NBA Show

 This was a great show, one of the best shows I have watch about the NBA. Maybe the fact that is staring so many NBA stars. But also about the indepth questionings and arguments about how they felt and how they want to justify themselves on other stars.

I specially like when Shaq argue about the way he think about Dwight and how his true feelings were showing up. Also funny moment when charles was falling asleep. It just make them look more like humans as opposed of inmortal stars.

 Have fun and enjoy the show.


Apache OpenOffice reached graduation


Good news, Apache OpenOffice is now a graduate topic, the news are flying all over the net:

We’re pleased to announce that the ASF Board, at their October monthly meeting, approved a resolution promoting the Apache OpenOffice Podling to an Apache Top Level Project. The Board also appointed a Project Management Committee (PMC) to oversee the project, with Andrea Pescetti as Chairman.

Some of the URL and release:

Haven’t blog in a while

I haven’t feel much like blogging lately, but here is a quick update.

  • Busy doing coursework for OpenOffice
  • Planning a conference for a couple of universities
  • Busy pushing the OpenOffice Certification in Mexico
  • Planning a trip to South america
  • Trying to get some money — FAST!!!
  • NBA about to start… need money to pay for the NBA account
  • Had some funny dreams about love sex and death 😀
  • OpenOffice reach graduation at Apache Foundation..

I’ll try to post stuff as I get more time.