Tracing the Mexican Basketball World


Today I got contact by Google plus about tracing the different leagues and organizations around the basketball world in Mexico.

During the latest Olympics I was looking for the international leagues and how do they produce the other international teams.

From China, to Eastern Europe to Western Europe there seem to be leagues all around the world with a somewhat similar structure to the NBA. Also there is similar structures in basketball like the soccer leagues. But unlike soccer, the NBA is for most people THE baskeball world.

US Colege basketball is also very popular around the wold and since last season I have been watching some of these games last season. College basketball however is a bit overwealming and is hard to figure out the positioning of the teames in the overal league, who are the top spots, who are minor colleges and also the different class of teams. 

There is also laternative leagues like WNBA, and development league basketball.

But the question at hand is what about the national scene. In the past I was able to watch the local club in Quintana Roo and watched the team almost win a championship in the league finals. So here is the map of what I coudl sort out.

There is a professional league called LNBP, Liga nacional de baloncesto profesional. This would be something similar to the NBA in Mexico.

Then there is college mexican league which is a bit odd, since I only saw it mentioned by universities but there doesnt seem to be an official site. These are more like tournaments than leagues persay:

There is a lot of loose ends basically because the lack of structure and contact information, there seems to be a national show but no blogs, podcast or wikipedia that can explain the overal structure of these organizations and asociations. There is a lot of work to be done, but I hope I could contact some people more specialized across the sport.