OpenData and XML

I have been working with XML for a while, OpenOffice is full of XML, from the XCU to the filetype OpenDocument Format, worked as an umbrella format for many other types of XMLs, including popular w3c proposals like the Dublin core as well as other URIs and schema.

OpenOffice actually has an XForm editor, that is somewhat misleadingly named as XML document.

A few days back I gave a talk on Bitcoin which turned me on to check out OpenData initiatives as well as the importance of open standards. Looking at the local OpenData initiative I found it a bit odd that the implementations were so shallow. As they focused more on systems than on actual key elements like defining structured data and implementing interactive APIs for it.

This sent me to research defined standards for common organizational logic including geospatial, e-business, legal and financial standards. Adopting these standards play an important role and also a good way to produce code that can help the OpenOffice platform as well as systems built for it.

The importance of XML and the lack of awareness of the importance of interoperability for data is something key to the OpenData movement as well as increasing the knowledge of productive stacks that can generate interactions with it. Not just to create, consume, and convert but also to standardize on it and create the business cases for it.

This pulled me into looking back into my own domain of standard. The OpenDocument format and OpenOffice XForm as a medium to expand the applications and interaction of the suite to generate more compatibility with this.

Looking at this, I will work on generating new and exciting projects aimed at creating the extensions, components and filters for making OO a more intelligent platform designed for OpenData improvement.