Dream Teams: 2012 vs 1992

Is that time again when the whole league come back into one to assemble the best team that the generation can provide. The 2012 Dream Team are full of tallent, and great achievements. But how does it match vs the greatest team ever. The answer is a bit thought provoking.


Yes many people will say, there is just no match, hall of famers versus respectable stars. Dominating contest vs just enough star power. And who will forget the old Jordan vs Kobe comparisions. However!! a match by match can draw a more interesting picture. And even the skillsets might be pretty different.

These teams are very different from each other, from the style of play to the way they generate points. The 92 team had a strong presence, while the 2012 has speed going for them. But ler see how exactly do they measure.

1992 was an interesting year, Jordan and the Bulls had just beat Clyde Drexler of the Blazers in 6 and both players were at peak. While Magic has already been a year out of the NBA while Bird had back problems. Then is the not so much star players like Christian Lathener which was introduced as a College star. The twin towers with Patrick Ewing and David Robinson looked strong as well and very dominant in their position. As well as Barkley and Malone at the powerforward. All in all the team was very well balanced even with an injured Bird.

2012 team is a different story all together, many players had bailed out with injuries and operations, such as 2 of the big 3, last year MVP and other potential stars.With a lack of big men Chandler is the only natural C player on the Team, making it the biggest handicap of the team. However this team is clearly fast, with point guards like CP3 and Russel Westbrook with huge speed. Lebron freak train as well as Griffin huge vertical leap. Kevin Love and Durant with his great shooting range standing at a near 7 foot height does make this an interesting matchup.

Jordan vs Kobe


This will probably be the matchup of the century, as the great one takes on someone that actually has design his game on his footsteps. But 92 Jordan is much more agressive than 2012 Kobe so Jordan will have the upper hand on this one, the only question is, by what far.

Jordan’s will is something that Kobe will also have to face as well as his tenacious defense and traps with Scottie Pippen, who has also schooled Kobe in the past.

King vs Magic

This is a rather odd comparison, since LBJ is more of a combination of Magic in a body more like Malone with the speed of Pippen. But LBJ passing hability even thought would come short to Magic, Lebron can make it out on speed and athleticism, that can’t be match by any 92er.

Love vs Bird

This is also a matchup that is unexpected since Bird is not at his prime and Love is. And like Bird, Love is a PF with a great aim at 3ptr land. Larry legend will have a tough time running up and down the court guarding this threat from away from the paint.

And like that, the 92er big three will face their matchups. My guess is that Jordan will eat Kobe’s lunch, but LeBron and Kevin will be able to handle the eighties legends Magic and Bird.

Point Guards

2012 has plenty of guns on this department, from Russel Westbrook, Harden, Derron Williams and the great CP3. Would be interesting going against Magic or Stockton. Sure, stockton was one of the smartest point guards ever. But CP3 is also another all time great, and even if they are usually ignored, CP3 always comes back with a vengance.

Power forwards

Just like Love and Bird, another tall and big time shooter is Kevin Durant and matching up against Mullin, Bird and company on the 3point land is a bit less than optimal for power forwards. However the high fliying skillset of Griffin against people like Christian Leatner will prove not to be a problem. I think the real test come when real power forwards like Malone and Barkley will things get tougher. I think the rebounding battle is won by the 92ers which could become the key to the game.  That is however, if there is any chance of missing from the 2012ers.


This is the last department where 92ers have a clear advantage with Patrick Ewing and David Robinson while the only true center from 2012 is Tyson Chandler. I will have to think that either Kevin Love or Durant might come to help but won’t be living that much of it.

So what do you think? Will 92 win and by how much against these matchups.