The King gets his ring

It was a coronation, but it wasn’t a one man effort like in previous decisive games on this playoff. The Miami Heat came together as a TEAM. The most convincing win of the series make the Miami Heat show its true colors. From Rio who came out from a surprising game 4 to Shane who also shoot the lights out in OKC, to the rookie Cole who seems to had warped from his awesome first game versus the Celtics last Christmas all the way to the NBA Finals. To the unexpected, half injured, seldom played Mike Miller who looked more like Reggie Miller. The whole team came together to close this Finals with authority.

Mr MVP didn’t need to get crams this time since his game, although still on attack mode, became a distributor and played more like a Magic Johnson than a Michael Jordan. He had a series high 13 assists and most of them were for 3 point cannons having this time around a well deserved triple double.

LeBron was all business and even if he yelled Rio a couple of times during the game, the Heat kept focused while OKC kept having meltdowns. Durant had great moments like a side dunk on the face of Hasslem. Westbrook was also taking his deadly drives to the basket as well as Ibaka did had some monster blocks on Wade, Bosh and James. But the sharpness of the 3 pointers were just too much for any team to hold up. OKC tried many times to come back as they brought it down from 17 down to 3. They even had the lead plenty of times during that first quarter. But after Wade hit his second foul was the blessing in disguised Miami had to unleash Miller time. For most of the fans this means also a big breakthrough, for all the jokes about King without a crown and seen less talented players like the Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowinsky or Dwight Howard getting to the promised land or at least a shot at the finals. But the King got there by changing his game and  mindset. Not only posting up better, avoid offensive blackouts, or just relying on a more structured plan of attack.

LeBron didn’t had to shoot particularly well, he didn’t need to have 3 point shots or half court last minute shots. He didn’t even looked like the previous LeBron. However, his endurance and the endurance of the team seemed that have more talent to break away games. Even in Boston, the teamed seemed to react at the crunch and erase double digit leads to get into a position to win the game. It didn’t always worked, but you can say Miami was a team only limited by their mindset.

The era of “King without a crown” has reached it’s closing and the LeBron era might be already underway. Next time you see LeBron would be with the USA Basketball team followed by some public appearances and cameos. But welcome to the reigning King era, and the question would be targeted more on Dynasty and of course the comparison with other icons like Kobe and MJ. I think if King James is still playing by June next year, the era would be well underway.