New technology research

nodejs screen

Node.js is becoming really strong on the web development space. Just like HTML5 and their Javascript resurgence the need to learn Javascript more and more is becoming omnipresent when you step into node.js.

Node.js is basically Javascript on the server, and like such, a lot of things change in the space of webdevelopment. People relying on other languages like Java, Python, or Ruby to generate Javascript now face a web with the opposite, Javascript replacing everything and even promising to start generating machine code FROM javascript. Like Hiphop but for JS.


This is the other big technology for big data. Hadoop is becoming something that a lot of dba’s are getting on board. Hadoop is the Mapreduce strategy for big data, based on Java

Rather than rely on hardware to deliver high-avaiability, the library itself is designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer, so delivering a highly-availabile service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which may be prone to failures. Seems these projects would be great steps to modernize my skillset on current technologies.

Something that I have been starting to do si to join groups in Linkedin and Facebook about the technologies.

So far I have joined Python, HTML5 and Node.js groups where one of the big advantages is locating resources and job opportunities on the technology.