Finalizing this hiatus

It’s been a month since my last blogpost and some stuff has been going on with my life at the moment. Currently I am looking for something to do and stack some bread. Meaning that I need money. After doing some sales pitches on some local colleges and working on a few classes on enterprise software and also some web development. I am currently trying to promote them and hopefully land a few gigs.

That said, I am worried about what would be the next big business strategy. Currently I have been scheming some plans on doings retriets to central america and the caribean and trying to land some gigs there and do some business abroad.

I still need to get some kickstart budget to activate that, but I am already working on it. I will be having just one flight abroad this year but I hope I can get some interest into doing some business there.

On NBA matters I am a bit disappointed with the Heat after the all star break and truth been told, they have been a bit sluggish. Not enough to matters since they still on the fight for the no 1 spot in the NBA but some of that killer instinct fuel has been running low. Then again, playoff is a different thing and teams tend to bring out the goods.

I hope things work for the better for the Heat but at the moment, the Heat seem to be not just running out of gas, but doing some major re-engineering on themselves.