Heat running out of gas?!?

Lately the Miami Heat has lost some games, the way they have lost games have been rather erratic since they start with the Heat playing good ball and getting on top quite fast. There are some elements of the Heat basketball that have been lacking lately.

Most of their losses have started from Miami domating 1/2Qtr to a 10pt deep on the 4th.

I wonder if the energy level slums after halftime. After winning a bunch of games by +10 pts seems that the team has been overburned. Defense have collapse and eventually the offensive strategy has been holding out of attacking the basket.

From a team that used to ‘live’ on the foul line, they have settle for bunch of long range shots that has not come through during the Chicago and Orlando game and even the Nets game when they went from 28 to a mere >5 pts diferential vs Philly.

The bench has been inexistent and even some odd moves like sticking to a rotation regardless if the player is having a good game. Although some players have actually seen some action like ex-3pt champ Jones, is only because Mike Miller keeps geting injured. Rio is also very erratic and just been on a down spiral on 3pt shooting % and even Free Throws.

So my hope is for the coach to get the rotation more involved on these weak games and get the starts more time out, and work on getting the third team up for the playoff. I think a Bosh driven 3rd team could do a good game.