Having fun with clouds


Today I had another great dream, also a double dream but the first one was the one that I enjoy the most.

Imagine going just above the clouds, and dropping out of the plane and do some “cloud surfing”. Literally grabing a board and brush the clouds as a rope tie you to a plane.

Of course is literaly impossible, but in my dream you could stay hovering above the clouds just like it was some kind of platform.

Having the experience of floating on this massive cloud that could be the size of a state, miles and miles of ‘cloud land’. Being able to surf the cloud was a great experience and just floating on top of the cloud a very interesting.

Now, I know this in reality is impossible, for starter, one would freeze if it was at that elevation. Not to mention the lack of oxygen and other issues like sun radiation, and maybe just the speed that a plane will move to will be too much for a human body.

So about my dream, I really enjoyed the surfing, we actually wanted to start a business about getting people to try cloud surfing. I start advertising it and many people were interested into trying cloud surfing. From then on my dream became more blury and can’t remember what else happened, but I do remember I went back to do more surfing. It was great.