NBA today – Heat resurging

After a 2 lost games, and somehow cool down on the way Heat energy level, they had survived the battle against Hawks, and they need to go back at it in Indiana.

Heat was playing a gigantic defense, but ever since, they had slow down on their attack. They did show up a bit on the third quarter against the Hawks on their comeback, but in reality I think they are going for clos games rather than take over games.

Bosh is being much better recognized now that he is back for a 2-0 mini run with the big 3 in their place. The thought of “Heat are small” and very low firepower in the middle. Bosh had some issues on offense and the Heat struggle, he was gone and the Heat struggle. So we can basically come to the conclusion Bosh is being the X-factor here.

In reality is really about defense, if more defense is injected, then the better the Heat will perform.

On a side note, the MVP race is a bit odd, they are having some MVP people stucked with a pin on that ladder as opposed to a week by week basis.

LeBron James and Dwight is one example, even with loosing and poor games on the week, they still have them on the upper echelon. While other relative good stars like Derrick Rose which only lost one game, was on the 6th. That sad, of course it seems the approach doesn’t work like that.

I will still wish this organization was smoother.

On the Dunk ladder, was the WTF when LBJ 360 dunk, the first 360 this season was not included on the Top dunk of the week. Instead it was a Griffin somewhat average dunk.

LeBron James steals the ball and throws down a beautiful dunk.