Alien Attack!!


Alien attack, in this foreign planet, a battle is about to start. With a bug-like spaceship landing on this planet and about to fight this superman like hero, that punch and spray rays to the bug. The bug however seems to be damageless and smashes the superman in the ground. To later just position itself over the grounds where he was there, and detonating bombs that will start a reaction on the planet and destroy it.

The superhero manage to sneak on the spaceship as it takes off from the plannet and followhim towards it’s trip back home in look for revenge. However as he thought he has fooled the bug, instead it was just getting closer to the Sun, so it push the superhero towards it to burn.

I woke up feeling pretty hopeless for some reason.

I went back to bed and tried again with a dream that was a bit more traditional, it seemed like a movie from Benicio del Toro fantasy dream. Starts with a serial killer that takes the life of some visitors to a camp, he kill them with kitchen tools, like fry pans and stoves. Eventually the friend of the killer realize he is doing that and manage to leave in an old vehicle.

However he goes too fast and finish off the road and desoriented, he finds a japanese colony in the middle of nowhere. It’s a village of japanese refuges and in that village a kid was in ove of this girl, it was winter so most of the swamps were frozen. He goes to look for a ring in one of the semi-frozen swamp to fall into and eventually the villagers found him.

The kid had a damaged vision and he sees everyone as monsters, eventually is put with another kid which on the dim light he seems like a very ugly monster. However he can hear him and eventually makes friends with him. The next morning he is feeling fine and that which he though was a monster was just the patch of the head who lost his eye.

And he realize while he is well, the other kid will never recover his vision fully.

Funny and weird dreams from today huh?