Chilled HEAT


Ok so this is my team to win it all, but is hard to be so optimistic when you are hanging with the 5th place (granted 3 teams are tied). But the Heat, the team that was No 1 in the NBA went down quite fast and hasn’t bounced back.

Not just that but their game has gone down as they start to play more games every night. Not just that, but there is also some injuries affecting the team hard and I think that Miami will not win the best record already.

So what is the problem? I think they started the season with blazing energy, swapping the teams away and making huge leads. Sometimes even blowing out huge leads, but still coming out with the W.

The issue is that as injuries strike  and games accumulate they seem to be dominated quite easily by weak teams like the Milwakee Bucks, Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Even a tripple over time with Atlanta was pretty under the Heat expectations.

So now the number two team, the Chicago Bulls are actually quite the opposite, they have been consistant on their game, and keep awarding themselves with W.

The funny thing is that the Chicago Bull doesn’t look that different from last year while the Heat actually looks better on paper yet have been through such drama.

So not just the Heat big 3 have an impact, but also the bench has been healthier than last season with Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem and the rookie revelation Cole, have make the Heat depth grow exponentially.

So what happened?

For once their game is off, LeBron and Dwayne are shooting quite poorly, and I think that consistency from the free throw line has been one of the biggest issues.

Poor shooting, poor decision making on shots.. LeBron has been hugging the basketball way too much making poor choices on a team that is not used to mid-court game. Lots of last second shots with bad angles has been a constant on these games.

There is also the factor that Dwayne hasn’t really been healthy, a foot injury followed by a sprain ankle left the Heat without their 2nd man to give those fastbreaks a deadly combination.

Turnover’s galore, too careless of the ball, too much bad decisions on dribbles to the basket and just ugly rortation or no rotation by the team.

I hope that the team can get it back together by the time they play the Bulls cuz is going to be ugly loosing to the team you are trying to catch up. Fortunately enough, Heat has step up with strong teams. So, I hope they can recover and finally get back to play Miami Heat Basketball.