New year with new projects in the space

So the project seems that have been fully migrated to Apache Software Foundation and new projects seems to be on the horizon. From a new build, to other projecs like the certification project, the development project and others. The education project activities seemed that will pick up a new level and be able to work on team of interns and would also fuel the project for the initial months of the project within the Apache realm. in 2012 will see more hacking and releases under the new developers pushing code from other projects like Symphony and even a new ecosystem with ApacheCon people coming in the project.

ODF would also see the impact of the new project and I think that it would also be benefited by other projects that work on ODF implementations.

There is also the LibreOffice project that would be pushing their way on the code and be able to modify the way the office suite work. Would be interest to see how these suites become something else, making them more hackable.

Good luck to the project in 2012 and I hope that many projects continue the evolution of the project.