Cole rises to the occasion

I am very interested in this year Heat team. Although in part is because of all that commentary about this “new gameplan” by the Heat. From LBJ, Wade new 3pt attempt diet to a more fast and flashy way to attack the basketball.


What really surprised me was the rotation that Miami seems to have when they are playing. Sometimes is great like this one, where Cole really settle and drill some crticial shots to keep the Heat affloat till the game is over. But my greatest question is what happend to the other shooters. James Jones, and even Chris Bosh on the midrange. They were completely MIA from the rotation on the last quarter which was meant to be their time as Celtics changed to a zone position and gave the issues  that Heat had on the last quarter.

I wonder what Eric Spolstra have in mind and why he hide their shooters when the game is on the line.