NBA is on!! Bulls, Heat and upcoming highlights

Dwayne dunking on your ass

So the season is on and the spectacular plays that the Heat did yesterday were great. Wtih the other games such as Bulls vs Lakers and compare it with the rest of the schedule, it seems that there is going to be a very well packed package full of games.

First game of the Heat, they ran over the Mavs like it was nothing. Celtics was also beated by the Knicks and other teams like the Bulls make it harder competitors.

Magics seems to be swiming in mud, OKC seems to be revitalized, what about last years with the Grizzlies and what will they do this season. I doubt that San Antonio or Rockets will wake up this year, and even the Lakers seems to be finally out and about.

Even Sixers looks like a promising team this season. Today there are 12 games including some of the teams that didn’t play yesterday like Bobcats, Hawks, Denver and others.

Timberwolves, Warriors, Wizards and Nets seems to be uninteresting while some interesting personalities like KG being dirty again.

So I am excited about the season, I can’t wait to see Miami against Celtics next Tuesday 27th. So I have listened NBA Hangtime Podcast and I tend to agree. I suggest to follow them and see what will happened behind the scene.

So what are your picks, who should come on top and who will drop down.