First internship success story

WayOOo badge

Yesterday I was able to participate in a talk during a University event about the virtual internships through, project named “WayOOo”.

The WayOOo project is a incentive to build the infrastructure of creating contracts with the universities about creating relationships and getting kids into the project.

OOo might not be the best project to start but is certainly a powerful and and popular open source platform to do so.

So the project has already produced a successful intern with a tangible result, and during the conference he was able to create a UNO naturalization to a popular OOo extension. OOo2Gdoc is an extension that will connect and exchange documents with Google Docs, Zoho and Webdav through their API.

So the presentation was a bit rocky, I got a bit lost explaining the concept of the presentation through a very awkward example of how traditional internships fail. However things improved when the intern talked about his extension and finally I think the QA was great since we were able to talk more fluently with the audience. At the end, I enjoyed it but the people attended was fairly reduced and I guess I was competing with other great talks, I only wish this talk was worth it for the few and will talk about it with their peers.

I am leaving the original presentation so you can check it out and comment on it, if you like it or have any suggestions please comment on it.