Interns to me

Today I got emails from our spaniard college where we finally got the documents to work upon the internships in Europe. We won’t be offering payment unfortunately but they will surely be able to be part of the efforts happening in as they are starting to generate some code. These students will be able to build and provide documentation on it. Also some will need to be able to code some mid-size code to have an acknowledgement of their program. 

For exmaple:

  • Core developers will first need to compile and run OOo from current source. From then they will need to learn about services and interfaces and optimize some parts of the suite. Some goals can include – improve the Draw interface, improvde the way calc functions get built, a GUI way to design dialogs for Java, a Python framework for UNO with more RAD driven code.
  • Extension development will focus on create new extensions as well as improve some of the ones available. Several projects such as digital signature extensions, improved GUI and instant signature for some specific devices. 

These efforts would be need to start getting accumulated until we can have a productive suite. I was pleased that the spaniard university will assign as much as 6 students per profile (would need to verify) but the skillset will be great for them and for us as well. If the students don’t acomplish their goals, it would still serve for their knowledge of the software as well as me. Working together will allow the patches to be commited and also tested and quality approved in one sole package.