Happy Bday Linux

I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux withThe Linux Foundation!

Just want to wish the Linux  kernel  a happy 20th anniversary

So I will talk a bit about my beginings with Linux, when I first knew about Linux and how I became to care for it.

I learned about Linux back in 97 where a computer magazine annouced their Red Hat version 3 in a magazine. This was the first Red Hat as opposed to RHEL.

However even thought I bought the magazine (or was it my brother) and actually got the CD in and start looking at what it had. I realize I need to errase all my data. Since I didnt had a CD burner it will take me a long time, which I wasn’t up to. So I left it alone and focus on watching and reading about it in the magazine.

In college my laptop got screwed and buying a new laptop I decided to give Linux a try. That’s when I start asking and talking about Linux to my internship mentors. They had Linux on their data center and want it to try it. Then like any other geek I did what most geeks do. Download every possible version of Linux and want it to emulate all the different distros and have an external Hard disk that will save a vm store of different distros.

Fast forward to my move to Boston and start attending the MIT BLU which gave me a great insight into what Linux really was and how hardcore the technology was. That turned me on and start selling me into Linux. I start listening to the linux show podcast (not the linux action show). Years passed and I was an avid fan and start digging around the groups and reading ebooks about linux. Even was so eager to get a Linux Red Hat certification video tutorial from IRC. But the 3.5 GB put me a bit off.

Eventually I move to New York and start going to all these different Linux groups and events including the NYPC, the NYLUG, the LinuxWorld Conference and so on. When I came back to Mexico I started my own Linux group called GULTab and from then on I started thinking into giving back to FLOSS. So I joined OpenOffice.org.

Eventually in 2004 I became the lead of the project, and launched Linux Xpo in Monterrey and had my little spot in the Linux ecosystem. Since then I have focus mostly in OpenOffice.org and leading other projects beside the spanish project like the Education and so on.

Also I have been using Linux exclusively for almost 10 years. Have worked as a System Administrator for large companies  and eventually came into pursuing other interests within the floss area as a way of living from.

FLOSS have made me for 10 years and I hope I could be here for the next 20 years.