Magical Chambers and Apollo Brown

So I am listening to some music, Apollo Brown, The Left and that Beatles vs Wu-Tang clan. The tracks are blazin’

My mood is a bit uncertain right now, as I am recognizing the miracle of these albums and reading some of the blog posts about tomorrow’s game and also reading the ASF TDF crowd discussion I most say that I am a bit disapointed that the weekend came and probably go and I still havent gone to have fun at the beach. I think there is this like mental chain that even if the beach is at arms reach I feel like is so hard to go and chill and come back all withing a day.

Honestly I would like to go to Isla mujeres because it has some of the most cristal clear beach and also I really want to check it out. Last time I went was 2006 and is just around the corner.

Still searching for personal coolers, so far I have seen the vest and now I am looking at this neck device to attach to your neck and cool out for a bit. I guess I will try to give it a try.