Heat all you can be


With the series about to finish, the Heatless are about to finish their first tour through Philly. I think this games were pretty tough for what the Heat has done through the regular season. Besides games 2, where they won by 30 really, the trip to Philly was been well fought. Game 3 was a whole night with Philly leading the game until the 4th where Wayde and LBJ took over and won realtively confortable.

Game 4 so far seems like the sweep opportunity but with the Bulls loosing on the last game against the Pacers, Heat needed to remind us all the season is not over. Philly start very strong in Game 4 and Heat fell on a 20 pt deficit, fortunately they proved they could come back and finish the halftime ahead. This was a good wake up call but the whole 3rd Heat really couldn’t control the game yet. By the 4th Heat finally start taking over with still half of the quarter being fought.

Even after the largest lead by 7, Philly came back put it back to 3. Then Heat make a good push and Philly tie them up. This is where the killer instict should be up and instead of increasing the defense, the small drives are perforating the Heat defense. I think if Heat needs to learn something is how to guard the point guard, I know they want to steal and block the shots, that’s why they are more caring about doing that, than making a stop and most times it works. But when they fell, they fell misserably.

Anyway I think that the game was pretty good, fought to the last minute and the opportunities where there to put them to rest. Maybe next game like that they will be able to do just that. Right  now Heat will shut down this one with a sweep and wait on Celtics for the super matchup.