NBA Playoff is a few hours to start


Is finally that playoff time where the Heat really has the time to show and prove and they are doing just great. even without the expectations of the team having the second best number in the east is as good as it can get. well no 1 would be the best but then again is not really about seen Chitown’s threat but about beating Boston.

With LeBron James and Dwayne Wade going playoff mode, we can see a new face of the game that Miami hasn’t shown in the regular season. However the overanlization of the team has overshadow their greatness, and their huge runs.

Hope to see what the other teams will do, beside Boston, Spurs and Lakers, everyone seems to be good.

On a related note, I havent really read the NBA blogs that much, dunno why, but they seem interesting. I should quote some of them for the Heat and Sixers matchup.

The margin for error is small, but the Sixers have found success by limiting their mistakes. They don’t shoot the ball particularly well, but they did have the league’s lowest turnover percentage in the league and 11th-highest assist rate. On the other end of the floor, they had a top-10 defense.

The defense is the key, because stops allow them to run. That’s when the Sixers are most effective and most entertaining. And in making the most of what they’ve got, the Sixers have made Collins a Coach of the Year candidate.

This is no suprise, defense and avoid mistakes, however is much easier said than done. Avoid mistakes when you are playing against the best defense in the NBA is really just a dream. You will make mistakes and what is worth, they will capitalize on that.