Analyzing Ghostface’s Purfied Thoughts


Purified Thoughts lyrics
“Am I a good man? …”

[Ghostface Killah]
Take my hands out my pockets you can see my thumbs
Both of them turned green, from countin the ones
Memorized by the glory, word life
Cut off niggaz who killed Bill but couldn’t do nuttin for me
Shout ’em out every once in the blue and kid too
I never rocked with, laws they keep away we cool
I devised my own stimulus, plan I’m niggarish
I’m tired of eatin those crumbs and black licorice
The frame of mind so {?} like cleansin the mic
Let the imam pray over my head and wash
Thoughts, sterilized, purified, Godly
Watch us gift men and fetch the green like barley
If that shit happen I’ll feed his whole army
Talkin ’bout the angels and peeps in Somali
Try to stay humble, and swallow my pride
In God I trust, now talk about the ones on your five
Crisp dollar billin, catch me in a little hut in Beneen
Village style, feedin the children
Big pots of jasmine tea with Mandela
Africans chantin me on like Coachella
Ghostface bom ba ye, kumbiya my Lord
My death day, 24 karat tomb I lay
Wishin they could bury me, next to the prophets
Nabi, Lut, Is’haq, Musa, Harun, Muhammad

“Am I a good man?” (I don’t know)
“Am I a fool?” (We’ll see)

[Killah Priest]
The Lord takes me, gathering speeds before winds
High currents, {?} places we formin wings
Kings offering, thrones was there
Man with the 7 crowns on his dome was near
Feet walked over rose petals, song from the ghetto
Face froze in gold like the pharaoh
A dawn in glory, robe of light, a powerful cherub
As he passed the path, white doves cost the eyes of thugs
Eternal heartbeat, in the dark fire in his blood
700 books were opened
It breaks to right, they threw the crooks in the ocean
Scared, brass hair like it grew from goatskin
The chosen has spoken, tablets were broken
The smoke hand grabs an omen
Gravity grabbin me gradually draggin me through hell’s cavity
This is blasphemy, I fell where the jackals be
God felt bad for me but cast me into Caspain Sea
Satan draggin his key, Wu-Family’s the faculty
K.P., K.P.

“Am I a good man? Am I a fool?
“Am I?”

He used to sling in the stairwell
Fast to put the rap on thinking cap, ignite your hair gel
No such thing as a fair sale
He’ll put the bullet out same day, delivery airmail
And on this level a thug’ll sell you garbage
No refund, the only exchange from the cartridge
Where the youths is kept comin back with they life earnings
Ready to make a deal, soul and pipe burning
The outcome tragic, household dramatic
Living rooms to {?}, basements to attics
Support from the B, hit the courts from a fiend
who betrayed one, who had lit the torch for his team
So they sent him gifts, body parts per diem
in a box that held prints but too dark to see ’em

So this song is pretty interesting, all talking about passing out as remarkable men, who not just deal with business, but also business sometimes cloud their mind. Ghostface is always a strange cat to figure out wtih his lyrics. Beside his high pitch voice and his hyper encrypted lyricz. Most people just appreciate ghost based on his flow and passion on his rhymes. However this lyricz do content some message, beside the passion for money Ghost wants to also be valued as a wise man memorized aside from prophets and return to his African roots. I am not sure if this is what he was intending but at least is the way he put the message. I could further  analized it as being master emcee that spurt a legacy of his style and recognized by the ones he value.

KP and GZA are less crypted but more metaphorical, in their own style and vision. I do however think their flow is rather similar and the abstract mental pictures come to life when they put it on a track. KP is more religious so his analogies with the bible are expected. However he reffer to a more intelectual study of relgion and eventually tailing out the ghetto on the “white doves cost the eyes of thugs”.  KP also has a memorized verse as far as word play comes with the line “Gravity grabbin me gradually draggin me through hell’s cavity, This is blasphemy”. This type of rhymes are usually very sticky on the mind because the words relate but the message nevertheless is understood as he goes through hell living in this bodily form and temptations are all over our world. And how studying with his Wu-Fam is the only resource to escape them.

GZA story telling applied to nobody in particular kicks in as a parable. His topics more rooted on the essence of hiphop, blaming emcees for quick rhyming without crafting their arts. Also making an analogy to the drug game where he profoundly sees the rap game as selling crack and people consuming on every place and they only poisoning their brain. He finalize the rhyme with a sellout perspective “who betrayed one, who had lit the torch for his team, So they sent him gifts”  and in the end his reward was more a liability than none. I am not sure I can draw an instant analyze of the verse, will probably need more play to finally think what GZA trully meant. However in context the song is about striving and falling into each dilema of becoming rich without selling out. The flow and production on this track is great, the tempo is absolutly the one you keep your head bopping. Very little chorus based on the sample, just true Wu mentality with more verses than chorus and having the listener focusing on the rhyme.