#JuevesDeDesarrolladores – More good content with Geeks

Today was our 6th meetup for #JuevesDeDesarrolladores at the local Starbucks. We had a great event this time, many more people came than the previous 3 or 4 earlier times. Unfortunately the SB was very crowded and we werent able to have a confortable table. However that didn’t stop us to talk about interesting stuff including a lot of great link share.


From some Web Developer tools including 99 Design in order to get great design work where u can find great work from designers for a set price. The next thing is a CSS IDE under the name YAML.  You can easily work out a great layout dinamically and have fluent CSS.

Beside the link share other topics came on the meeting like FLISOL event. Updates from some of the guys helping out on the event.