Dreams of the X and tech fail when you need it the most


So it was meant to happen, well I had one of those dreams. I didn’t know if I should blog it but I guess even for the pure recollection is ok I guess. I dream about Irina again, althought it wasn’t really about her, it was more about the rush that I feel whenever she was online and things start failing. I remember her being online and msg me, and when I was going to answer, the mouse stop working, and computer locks out. I dump the netbook and start looking for the laptop but I never find it. I was so upset of missing out and a bit frustrated that I tried to call her but for some reason couldn’t find her number on my contact list. I guess it was funny cuz when I woke up I pull the laptop and check the email to see if she was around somewhere. Then I was like… oh is a dream. 😀

Well even if this was a dream, there have been situations when well even if technology didn’t completley annoyances come at the worst time. Right on that criticial conversation, voice chat start going south. Or simply the call wouldn’t connect. I somewhat delivered a huge tolerance for tech, I just asume the alternative like snail mail, phisical dates, and others are even worst or just un reachable.

Again, hope next time Tech doesn’t give up on me when I need it the most.