This week in starbucks….

This week was interesting, and by that I mean a bit unconfortable. Due to some bitching from my roomates, they decided stand up to the man and not pay the electricity bill, resulting in a 2 day (so far) blackout. Forcing me to report the rest of the week from a Starbucks. Is almost 11pm and soon i will be going back to my dark apartment. I’ve been here since 11am when I woke up, took a shower and report to my local starbucks for a good 12 hr period.

Sounds nasty? Well actually it has been quite the opposite. I dunno if its the elevator music or what else, but I have been quite productive everytime I come to the Starbucks. Also was expecting my weekly geek meetup which resulted also in good excuse to be here.

In general the day gave me a good period to produce some interesting work dealing with the recording of my first video for FLISOL, the event I am getting involved and pushing for 2 sites, one in Cancun and another in Villahermosa.

So far it looks pretty good. Good email communication, and great inroads fixing the recording,mixing it and finally generating a first draft of the video. Yesterday I did some 3D and have got some other members of the organization to help me out making some animations and provoking good results.

I will be posting the finalized video, so far I can add the original OGG mix.