The other side of the tunnel

Today I had an interesting dream, the dream was a bit odd since I dont dream about this much. I was giving classes about Macros and after what it seems a class a young student came and asked me about an issue with his project. He has been trying to do a sonic histogram. I doubt the reason of doing that on an office suite unless maybe is for capturing the values on the spreadsheet or needed the draw toolkit. Anyway it seems he had issues when capturing the histogram module from outside of OOo and getting it back into the API. I decided it to point him to the documentation about viewers and debuggers on the OOo Basic IDE, explained how the viewer works on the IDE as well as other tools for debugging.

Then my dream suddenly changed, I was outside and the afternoon had a weird cloud formation. Two storm clouds one on top of each other, they were about to block the sun and the sunlight was dimming dramatically, I know it was like a dream or maybe I was  just clouning around but then I start runing towards a tunnel want wanted to get in the tunnel before the sunlights get completely hidden. I mean is not like the it will get any brighter, anyway I sense that there was some hiphop music on my mp3 player, it was some weird remix on Busta Rhymes, the funny thing is that I was listening to space radio — Bluemars and is not even close to hiphop so I wonder where my brain was picking BustaBuss. Anyway.. dream continue, I do reach the tunnel but catch a glimpse on how dark the sky would be. I finally enter the tunnel but keep running and I see the light getting brither on the other end, it seems like there were no storm clouds anymore.