My report from CONSOL

So let me get this straight, i don’t like Mexico city, I lived a couple of years here many moons ago but never really liked it. Every time I go to Mexico city I constantly complain about everything. I have been living in many cities including New York, Bucharest, Guadalajara, Philadelphia and many more and never found a city that i hated the much. So once said that most of the experience might be also affected by these environmental factors.
I have to recognized the efforts of the organizers and recognized their limited resources to make it all work and appreciate the help I got from them when I needed it and also for the cheer up spirit through out the event regardless of the abandonment of many potential speakers.
I also have to say I really appreciate the technical level from these talks and hope that we keep seen more of these. However I also wish that we see them more often and without needing these major events to learn about it.
So I realize about CONSOL and my participation early Monday when my fellow from asked me about it when I first got on line. With the rush I had to get a ticket that same day and fly to Mexico City that same night. When I got there I was picked up by one of the core organizers who took me to the hotel. After a relatively calm night I finalize my presentation to later for the next day. Unfortunately I realize one of the biggest drawbacks of my trip, the hotel Internet was not working!!!
I had issues since I wanted to integrate it with another presentations at OOoCon celebrating this decade of innovation.
The day went out a bit stressing since I wasn’t able to participate on the conferences I wanted to hear because some of the speakers didn’t showed up and had to be canceled. One speaker I could listen was el pop which talk about his business about Neocenter and asterisk. My conference came through OK, and I think that many liked my conference because of the tweets applauding it and even if many people didn’t really get it, the geeks were really interested.
Later that night I met a group from Monterrey and had a nice conversation about the community and got invited to hang out with them at their room. The hotel looked like a high school dorm with many kids on the hallway. We did had a crisis with a girl who was crying in a corner of the hotel. She was there in the darkness for a while. Eventually she got to calm down but the thing was a bit creepy.
The day two I wasn’t able to return to the conference because I had other business to attend to including a conference with the guys.
Day three I did caught up some talks about grid computing, and Linux on the enterprise given by gnuowned.The day went by pretty quick and I end up having pizza with the guys from Monterrey and then met another crew from Veracruz.
The fourth day I did attend from the very beginning with the project about a directory for free software listing providers and companies. Then I went to see a talk on Blender which went awesome and got to watch Sintel which is a great movie done in blender for free.
Then was a talk by Tigrux about Python and C under two different projects from gnome. A project called Vala and another called Genie. I like the conference but thought he got too hang out with the description of python and C and going through their main construction like object description and syntaxes.
Finally I got to go to the airport only to find out my flight was the next day. Thats where I appreciate the administration which came forward and got me an extra night at the hotel so I can catch my flight. I am still at the airport so i haven’t got home just yet, but I think that everything was worth it. I did have a nice night yesterday and today, well I am writing this blog as I am at the airport waiting for that flight.
Here is a copy of my presentation: