First day of OOoCon 2010

Interesting first day of the OOoCon, I arrived at Budapest quite late to do much that day. However the day was quite productive at the final hour after having met up with my friends from the Koffice who went to the hotel pub for a great talk about my projects and the future models for my O4Biz project and the viability of implementing some concepts on the BizDev project.

The night went into quite good questioning by my friends but maybe some tiresome from the day forced up to call it a night. The next day started very early and a good bath prepared me for the day, breakfast went quite good with Emacs jokes and sharing thoughts about OOo scripting, specifically python development.

After breakfast we had a nice run at the parliament which could have been morel complicated if I have done it by myself. Arriving to the parliament I discover that my name was not on the list even when as a speaker I should be there by default. In the end I manage to attend the talks on the parliament which had a magestic look.

The conferences itself were a bid boring except to the last speaker who talked about proprietary companies practices and impact on society including MICROSOFT and ORACLE. He also contradict some FLOSS believes however it was a big too long for my preference then again it always is. Michael Bremer talked about his relationship to Budapest. He told a story about his motorbike, and how he drove to Budapest from Germany and talked about how OOo fits in the Oracle stack of other products then he just started sounding like a salesguy about the support. project evolution from its inception in 2000 up to now 2010.

We had a nice coffee break where I talked to famous OOo author and macro developer Dimitri aka Crazylegs and talked to him about our ideas for python development and other things.

The next talk was about the migration of the Munich government. He talk about challenges and setbacks they experiences as well as some of the reasoning to push organizations to use ODF. So even if they use MS Office they should operate with ODF because otherwise you force them to become costumers of a company. This propell the mandate which now makes OOo more feasable to implement.

The next talk was more focused on ODF and standards. About how they went on comparing microsoft products and questioning the convenience to use OOo. We finally left to the CEU center to the more technical conference. The first one was about the future of OOo by Charles Schultz where we got to question the OOo project as we advance in the use of technology. I got to suggest think about completely modify the web into a data authoring tool.

We went to lunch followed by a talk by Rosana about OOo branding and guidelines and trademark currently addressed for the project. Then it was Rafaella Braconi on the future of l10n and how we will get faster and quicker translation during the development cycle and a new server for pootle and new testing platform.