Day two of the OOoCon

So the day started a bit shaky, I thought I missed my talk because the sun was shining pretty bright. I find out I was fine, so I took it easy and had enough time to start working on my talk which was the first one of the day. I had some breakfast and then took off to downtown Budapest. However, I forgot which station I need to get off and I find out that I left too early, I was worried that I was late for my talk because I heard that today we will start at 8am. I got off the sub around 7.56 and walked in circles since I couldn’t find my way to the University. I was relief when I find out that the day actually started at 9am. Since I arrived at 8.16 I had enough time to sit and prepare my slides for the talk.

Since it was early in the morning and other interesting talks were going on I had a relative few people, just 4 people came to the talk. However thanks to the Bulgarian recording every talk, this one will be available for others to see on the stream and later on. The talk went quite well, I caught myself babbling a bit but pulled myself together.

Future plans for the drupal sites in OOo are unify the user accounts to OOo. So maybe OAuth could be implemented although he didn’t mentioned about it.

Italo the master of PR talked about the OOo Today is growing but still not enough since the buzz is not being pushed in the US. He mentioned about the story of Microsoft and how they screw up when they wanted to push it’s use of a 100% out of a 95% provoking a customer focus. We have to add the advantages besides than saying that is a good product in the market. He presented a chart that show the lifecycle and how they cross the chasm and major adoption happens. Then is the pragmatism is when the userbase matures. Italo mentioned the Google channels and how OOo could basically adopt that same or similar relations with resellers. The conversation connected with the Certification project as well as the BizDev project. This however will permeate to the domestic market.

The next session was the Strategic marketing plan session, an intensive 3 hour session that talked about the future of the marketing teams, it’s goals and the message for the new landscape. We now have Google Docs and other new parallels of collaboration and productivity like the failed attempt of Google Wave. A web 2.0 era, where we have a more detailed project on handling the message and reach out to the users. Other options like OOo as a well recognized brand but the community doesn’t bring themselves up-par with the rest of the context of OOo.

The SMP session really took a lot of my energy from the day so I had to skip the next session and enjoyed a nice nap at the lounge area of the university. Although a more private space could be down at the basement. I’ll see if I can do that tomorrow. So the event went quite well in general and after the talks we went to the boat ride, which I didn’t register but was able to pay at the entrance. I had the unfortunate luck of having a Microsoft Rep next to me during the ride so I wasn’t able to speak freely about OOo. However this allow us to talk about different nationalistic difference within the US and other talks about the impact of technology and information overflow. The chatting was quite good and easy going and the food was really good, nothing spectacular like Orvieto last year but it was really nice to have that while watching the scenery of Budapest at night along the river.