Bulls on Celtics series

Yesterday there was an awesome game of basketball, probably the most incredible I have ever seen. These series has been great all around, however yesterday probably the biggest game of the series went into an astonished 3 overtimes where the baby Bulls rocked the United Center with a game that had it all. From fights to runaway dunks to last minute made shots to last minute blocked shots.Ray Allen was great, shooting 2 incredible shots, Miller was also amazing with his 3 pointer shots and 100% free throw shooting just as the clock was going down. There are many images and many memories from that game. Is kinda hard to remember what happened first and next just because the game was so long.Pierce was out of his game for the most part however it was Allen who was the leader of the Celtics on this game but what I found funny was the performance of Big baby Davis who played an incredible game and I feel that nobody want to give credit for the big chubby guy. Davis shoot and made critical shots down the stretch.For the Bulls side, I am really not liking Gordon, I think he helds back the Bulls. He never pass and his shooting looks more like a product of his stoborness than an actual talent. I just dont see the planning ahead on his plays. Bulls might not have won if Gordon was not fouled out.My prediction is that Bulls has a serious opportunity to win the series but I think that Celtics even with their injuries can overcome the Bulls. Then again I wont like it and I will try my best to be wrong. Go BULLS!!!!