Cancun 2008

However I also seen some good side to the story. Be able to talk to some old friends from school. I had the chance to catch up. Talk more than just the weather and be able to play around with many of the new toys I’ve gotten.So i didn’t get an iphone but close. End of story i got my hands on one. Besides that i also got an olpc and probably wil get it by the end of the summer.With new things comming up i also want to get a new digital cammera, however… Is there a digital cammera that runs linux and bluetooth?The beach and pool has been fine, the food has been awesome. However on both there has been drawbacks. I’m not on my best shape and eating too much is not helping. The pool has been great however i started getting some odd irritation under my arm and is starting to bug me. So overal vacations aare rolling, they are far from perfect but also not so bad.