Sometimes geeks don’t understand

Is funny when you are talking to geeks they seem to read only what they want to hear. Now that I have been doing some debates with them they seem to be very into themselves. This happened to me on a recent podcast I did with other geeks. It was funny when I try to disect the problem on data loss. I point out that most of the cases of data loss in the windows world comes from users being forced to format their computers because of virus and spywares. Suddenly another geek told me that was completely false, that data losss could come from failed harddrives and that users deserved their data loss becuase they don’t do backups.This really got me thinking if he even heard what I said?So first off, what is with that attitude of users deserve their data loss because they don’t do backups. If he has any experience with the real world he will know that users don’t even know what backup means. They are certainly too busy running their lives to even tell what backup means.Second of that is a different discussion which wasn’t the point since well, most users do suffer of windows frecuent infections. The point is that Linux being virus free will mean that at least they will get more probabilities to have their data preserved.I guess he could touch different points to stirr a debate but I really don’t think so. Anyway this was a very good point to talk more about that got lost in the discussion of stupid backups.