Re-Designing the website

So I am thinking on re-designing my site into a more modern content. So far I have asked around and came with a structure that I hope that will work okay for the first part of my work. The content will include:

  • Community
  • Technologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Life
  • Blog and Contact

At least  for the first part this looks pretty good, so the idea is to update my experience on what I am currently doing right now. Basically my involvement with, the work I do and the talks I have given.  Also my recent upcoming into Mozilla Mexico and what I’ve been able to do so far.As far as technology it will go more technical like languages, frameworks, system administration, network setups and just basically geeky stuff. Also my training courses and different things that seem to be very upbeat now.Entrepreneurship will have some of the articles and different things that I have been working like clic and the training business.Finally Social will be surrounding my friends around the world and how my life has been as part of social interaction and life experiences. Places I’ve been, and overall description of who I am.Blogs and contact might be the first part but since I wont be adding anything new I rather just keep it like that.