Conversations with Ismael Olea


Recently I had the chance to talk with Ismael in an interesting conversation about the global attitude of free software and teir projects within. The two big branches is the software that gets built on the Web and the software that is for the desktop. We basically have a big disconnect from one to the next.This became very clear in Barcelona when something interesting where the DrupalCon in one side of the city and OOoCon on the other. Both projects push for similar goals but we are radically different. Drupal is about the web, Javascript, HTML, CSS and web technologies while is on more traditional software like Java, C++, UNO and more traditional way of building software.The common mission is to help people exchange information between them on an easy transparent and accessible manner. We both want to show the advantages of free open source software. The degree of success vary since the level of compromise vary in itself. It would be nice to have a more insight into what we are doing and what we can learn from each other.