Interesting numbers from

So I recently check the Google analytics for the website. The numbers are impressive but many lessons ought to be learned. Basically we have the following things going on:

  • We get 5,500+ visits a day specially during the week
  • 35% of the visitors use Firefox
  • Most of the traffic (66%) are generated from Spain, then Mexico
  • Most of the visits are just first timers and spend just 1:20 min on the website
  • Google redirect most of the traffic into the website

So the lessons are simple, basically we like the numbers, however we would love to have more reasons for the users to remain on the website. this means rethinking completely the website content for the user. This means to make a complete efforts for the users on making it more and more user oriented and give visitors the value to remain.Reegnineering a podcast might be a good way, getting some exclusive OOo content from Youtube might also be something fun to do and just the overall delivery of content will also make this more awesome. So making a more exciting website for OOo might bring the OOo site forward to the web 2.0ish development.